MANILA, Philippines — Asian Consulting Group (ACG) Chairman and Senior Tax Advisor Mon Abrea who also serves as Co-chair of Ease of Doing Business on Paying Taxes, confirms more than 800 cases were filed under Run After Tax Evaders (RATE) Program of the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) under the leadership of Commissioner Caesar R. Dulay.
As the most prominent tax advocate and expert in the country, Abrea also warns taxpayers who are intentionally or unintentionally violating the tax code as BIR will definitely file cases against them. Here are some of the most common violations:

a. Failure to file tax return/s

b. Failure to pay taxes

c. Deliberate under declaration of income or over declaration of expenses by more than 30 percent of that declared per return.

d. Hiding or transferring of assets or income.

e. Keeping more than one set of books of accounts

In order to avoid or get rid of BIR problems, Abrea advises taxpayers to be more diligent and responsible in handling their taxes, and to pay their taxes correctly and on time especially with the use of online filing and payment facilities. 

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