The Asian Consulting Group unveiled on Wednesday, January 30, its contribution to improving the ease of doing business in the country: the TaxWhizPH mobile app, an all-in-one mobile application that allows its users to file and pay taxes while on-the-go.

By improving the ease of paying taxes, the TaxWhizPH mobile app directly contributes to boosting the ease of doing business.

ACG launches the TaxWhizPH at the EODB Forum

Launched at the Ease of Doing Business Forum, the TaxWhizPH mobile app aims to provide taxpayers a seamless tax compliance process.

“If you compare the number of examiners to the number of registered taxpayers, it will never be enough,” says Mon Abrea, Founding Chairman of ACG. “At the end of the day, we need to make use of technology.”

Automation and simplification are the keys in improving the ease of doing business. When it comes to tax compliance, the TaxWhizPH mobile app provides that automation.

It utilizes Optical Character Recognition technology in order to automatically generate returns and capture data from images. With this innovation, users only need to take pictures of their receipts in order to input the necessary data.

Moreover, by uploading their Certificates of Registration, users of the TaxWhizPH mobile app are automatically provided all the forms relevant to the user’s business or profession.

Akin to its namesake brand, the TaxWhizPH mobile app provides a service similar to ACG’s Tax Whiz Academy. The app provides tax advice such as on which type of tax would best benefit a user’s business or profession. It also provides access to ACG’s various research and publications.

Now that the filing season is approaching, taxpayers will again be busy with their tax compliance. With the help of the TaxWhizPH mobile app, users can get more time to themselves and stop worrying about taxes.

Those who want to subscribe to the app can do so for free. All you need to do is visit